Nana's Corner

Shirley Leone McCarthy

Birth: 7 Nov 1920 Auckland, New Zealand
Death: 2 Dec 2004 Renton, Washington, USA
Marriage: 2 Sep 1939 Auckland, New Zealand
Nana's Lineage:
Father:  Cyril McCarthy
Birth: 26 Nov 1898 Waihi, New Zealand
Marriage: 23 Sep 1919 Auckland, New Zealand

Birth: 23 Apr 1869 Thames, New Zealand
Grand Mother:  Margaret (Mary Ann) Edmond
Marriage:  24 Jun 1894 Waihi, New Zealand

Great Grand Father:  John McCarthy
Birth:  c1843 Ireland
Great Grand Mother:  Jessie (Janet) McDonald
Marriage:  24 Jun 1868 Auckland, New Zealand

Great Great Grand Father:  John McCarthy
Birth: c1802-1808 Ireland
Great Great Grand Mother:  Catherine Forbes
Marriage:  c1836 Kilkenny, Ireland

McCarthy 4 Generation Women

McCarthy 4 Generation Women c.1940's
Emma Lang, (living child) Shirley McCarthy,
Patrica McCarthy (Lang)
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Mum and her father Cyril "Pop" McCarthy c. 1950's
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Shirley age 18 years

Shirley c.1990's
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Shirley as a child. c 1923
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Shirley age 16 years
Shirley at 18 years