Edward Lewis Family, NZ
Edward Lewis
Edward Lewis

Edward Lewis
Birth: 26 Apr 1833 
             Southwark, Surrey, England
Chr: 1 May 1835
          West Hackney, Middlesex, England
Death: 13 Aug 1922
               Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Spouse: Jessie Houghton 
Marriage: 21 Jun 1856  
                     Wellington, New Zealand

Birth: 12 Dec 1857
             Wellington, Nw Zealand
Death: 8 Jun 1912
              Auckland, New Zealand
Burial: 9 Jun 1912
               Auckland, New Zealand
Marriage:  24 Dec 1879
                      Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Birth: c1859 
               Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 9 Feb 1901
              Parramatta, NSW, Australia
Burial: 10 Feb 1901 Australia
               Church of Eng. Cem., Necropolis
Spouse: Josephine Kate O'Kelly
Marriage: 26 Feb 1881
                     Auckland, New Zealand
Eleanor Blanche Mary Lewis
Birth: 6 Jul 1861 
             Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 10 Dec 1941
               Aucklans, New Zealand
Burial: Waikaraka Cem., Auckland, NZ
Marriage: 26 Oct 1882
                     Auckland, New Zealand
Charles Ernest Lewis
Birth: 9 Jul 1864 
             Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: unknown
Minnie Isabella Lewis
Birth: 22 Jun 1866 
             Wanganui, New Zealand
Spouse: Wallace Henry Wallace
               1901 Brisbane, Australia
Death: Apr 1954
           Brisbane, Australia
Annie Emily Lewis
Birth: c1868
             Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 1959 New Zealand
Spouse: Walter Pavitt
Marriage: 1896 Melbourne, Australia
Evelyn May Lewis
Birth: c.1870 
             Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 10 Apr 1889 
              Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Burial: 12 Apr 1889
               Victoria, Australia
                Melbourne Cemetery 

Gravesite Location
Gravesite Location
Evelyn Lewis Grave Marker
Evelyn Lewis Grave Marker
Edward & Jessie Lewis Gravesite
Edward & Jessie Lewis Gravesite
Lewis Gravesite
Lewis Gravesite

Edward Lewis
Edward Lewis c1860's
Turnbull Library, Wellington, NZ
Edward Lewis c1860's

WANGANUI OLD SETTLERS by James Garland Woon, Wanganui: Jones & Sons, 1902" refers to Edward on page 26) [Turnbull Library NZC 993-54092- W00 2000]

Edward Lewis immigrated to New Zealand from England leaving Plymouth on the 'Isabella Hercus' 24 Oct 1850, arriving at Port Lyttleton, Canterbury, New Zealand 1 Mar 1851.  
Mr. Lewis was a man well known in business circles, both in Wellington and Wanganui.  In the early 1850's Mr. Lewis was in the employ of Mr. Thomas Waters, but returned to Wellington, where he joined the old established firm of Taylor and Watt as junior partner in Wanganui.  Unfortunatley, things did not run smoothly and finally the partnership was dissolved. In c1861 Mr. Lewis embarked in business as a general merchant, importer, and auctioneer in which his store was located in Wangauni.From a newspaper advertisement of the time, Edward's brother, Bernard Lewis, sent merchandise from England to stock Edwards store as well as the store of Mr. Burnett. 
Mr. Lewis's career in Wanganui would be incomplete without some reference to his unbounded hospitality and kindness to all.  He kept open house, so to speak, and everybody who was anyone at all, was welcome at Mr. Lewis's comfortable home in Victoria Avenue, just opposite St. Paul's Presbyterian Church. 
About 1870-'71 Mr. Lewis left Wanganui and opened up stores on Custom-House Street in Auckland.  There he remained until c1886 when he and some of his family moved to Melbourne, Australia. 
Mr. Lewis lived in Victoria until his death at 90 years old.  He is buried at the Melbourne Cemetery along with his wife Jessie and one of his daughters, Evelyn May Lewis, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
Wanganui Store & Bond Store c1872
Auckland Store 1880-1889, 3rd bldg