Robertson Family, Scot & NZ

Thomas Robertson
Anderson's Bay, New Zealand

Birth: 11 Apr 1803 
            Aberlady, Haddington
            E Lothian Scotland
Spouse:  Janet Pate  
Marriage: 30 May 1824
Death: 5 Oct 1895 
              Dunedin, Otago
              New Zealand

Thomas Robertson Jr
Birth: 3 Apr 1825
            Aberlady, East Lothian
Spouse: Margaret Lindsay Stuart
Marriage: 21 Nov 1845
                    Glasglow, Scotland
Death: 24 Aug 1903
              Halfway Bush, Dunedin
              New Zealand

James Robertson 
Birth: abt 1827  Scotland
Spouse: Jane Russell
Marriage:  Sep 1863  New Zealand
Death: New Zealand

Janet Robertson 
Birth: 28 Mar 1829
            Aberlady, Scotland
Spouse: Octavius Harwood
 Marriage: 25 Sep 1848 
                      Otakou, Otago
                      New Zealand
Death: 27 May 1896
               Portobello, Otago Pen
               New Zealand

Elizabeth Robertson 
Birth: 29 Aug 1832 
Spouse: Richard Driver
Marriage: 30 May 1849
                     Dunedin, Otago
                     New Zealand
Death: 9 May 1897
              Purakanui, New Zealand

Margaret Robertson 
Birth: abt 1833  Scotland
Spouse: Lewis Stewart
Marriage: 10 Par 1850  New Zealand
Death: 25 Jan 1895
              Mt. Pleasant, Andersons Bay
              New Zealand

Agnes Robertson 
Birth: abt 1838 
            Aberlady, East Lothian
Spouse: Thomas Harrison
Marriage: 17 Apr 1856 New Zealand
Death: 7 Oct 188 New Zealand

Birth: abt 1838
            Aberlady, East Lothian
 Spouse: John Simpson
Marriage: 28 Aug 1857
                     Dunedin, New Zealand
2nd Spouse: Alexander Inglis
Marriage: 21 Sep 1865 New Zealand
Death: 23 Aug 1876
              Dunedin, New Zealand

Thomas Robertson's other spouses:
2nd Spouse: Elizabeth Wells
Birth: abt 1805 Scotland
Death: 2 Apr 1865 New Zealand
Marriage: Scotland
Child: Annie Robertson
Birth: abt 1848 Scotland
Death: 26 Jul 1891 New Zealand
Spouse: John Charles Miller
Marriage: 30 Jun 1862 New Zealand
Child: Jane Robertson
Birth: 3 Jan 1850
            Andersons Bay, Dunedin
            New Zealand
Death: 1 Nov 1889
                     Timaru, New Zealand
Spouse: David Mitchell Ross
Marriage: 2 July 1868
                     Moeraki, New Zealand

3rd Spouse: Margaret Napier

Marriage: 11 Oct 1865 New Zealand

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Courtesy Papers Past
Mr & Mrs Thomas Robertson
abt mid 1880's.
Parents of Thomas Robertson
Thomas Robertson
Birth: 4 Dec 1776
             Musselburgh, Edinburgh
Spouse: Elizabeth Adamson
Death: Mar 1805 France 
Grandparents of Thomas Robertson
James Robertson
Birth: abt 1749 Scotland
Spouse: Catherine Barclay
Marriage: 24 Oct 1775
                     Inveresk, Scotland
Great Grandparent
 William Robertson

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Janet Robertson Harwood
Courtesy Papers Past

Janet Robertson Harwood

Otago Witness 17 March 1898
'Thomas Robertson who lived to the great age of 98 on the Peninsula, came from Edinburgh, arriving in the Philip Laing. He opened a quarry at Anderson's Bay, and brought the stone across the harbour in a punt; with his son James he built the school and other buildings with this stone; afterwoard quarried at Forbury Road, and discovered lime at Burnside. Farmed on the Peninsula til his death'.
Otago Witness 17 March 1898
'Octavius Harwood was a storekeeper when the first settlers arrived, the firm being Harwood and Shoats. Had a number of houses between the Heads and Portobello, calling it the township of Otakau. Had a sheep-run at Hampden later on, and now lives at Portobello'.