New Zealand Marriages
The following Marriages have been taken from Newspapers on Papers Past. We have included the newspaper page number for you to locate additional information on the names you are researching.  
The Otago Witness
8 Mar 1851  Pg. 2
F.A. Cargill to Jessie Spottiswood 10th September.
22 March 1851  Pg. 2
Alfred Chetham Strode to Emily Borton -14th March.
17 May 1851  Pg. 2
Edward Palmer to Beatrice Fowler -1st May.
Rev. Alexander Shand to Helen Bruce Bryden, -3rd October. 
7 June 1851  Pg. 2
Daniel Macandrew to Margaret Dundas Oswald Hall -3rd June.
6 September 1851 Pg. 2
John Hyde Harris to Annie Cunningham Cargill -3rd September.
25 October 1851  Pg. 2
Thomas Ferrier Hamilton to Elizabeth Mary Milner Stephen -17th Ooctber. 
6 December 1851  Pg. 2
Lewis A. Bernays to Mary Borton -28th December.
24 January 1852  Pg. 2
Henry Jeffreys to Ellen Penelope Valpy -15th January. 
28 February 1852  Pg. 2
Henry Manning to Eliza Stokes -28th February.
19 June 1852  Pg. 2
T. Culling to Margaret Torrance -3rd May. 
July 1852  Pg. 2
Peter McGill, to Jane Brown -22nd June. 
31 July 1858  Pg. 4
George R. B. B. Berney to Laura Rosina Logie -31 July. 
7 August 1858  Pg. 4
William Davy to Mary Bowler -3rd August. 
4 September 1858 Pg. 4
Alexander Chalmers to Elizabeth Worthwick -24th August. 
William Thomson to Catherine Torrance -2nd September. 
4 May 1861  Pg. 4
Donald Sutherland to Margaret Deans -22nd April.
William Perkins to Catherine Perkins -26th April. 
Adam S. Clark to Janet Peddie -26th April. 
Alexander Archbald to Agnes Hoyes Grigor -1st May. 
George Jacobs to Jessie Somerville -23rd April. 
Alexander Gavin Anderson to Blanche Emily Campbell -25th April. 
11 May 1861
James McIntosh to Mary Lindsay -26th April. 
William Lang to Jemima Stewart -7th May. 

The New Zealander
12 July 1845  Pg. 2
John Derrom to Louisa Stokes -5th June.
6 September 1845  Pg. 2
Colin Campbell to Rosa Amelia Hargraves
William Hunter to Margaret Young -3rd September.
Taranaki Herald
4 August 1852  Pg.2
G. W. Woon to Ann George -28th July. 
11 August 1852  Pg. 2
R. Cunningham, to Mary Ann Loverage -5th August.
8 September 1852  Pg. 2
D. Nichols to Jemima Pote.
22 September 1852  Pg. 2
William Revel, to Elizabeth Hawke, 21st September.
Wanganui Chronicle
3 January 1874  Pg. 2
J. A. N. Magrath to Caroline Louisa Magrath -1st January.
Southland Times
1 January 1874  Pg. 2
George Henry Vause, to Susanna Maria Fryer -31st December 1873.
Evening Post
1 July 1899  Pg. 6
Frederick George Billman to  Maud Mary Williams -28th June.
Fred Ward, of Oamaru, to Lizzie Leary -28th June.