In Rememberance of Peter Leon Lewis

It's been almost a year now since Peter's passing. I have created this page for those who want to leave a message for him and his family.  Please continue to scroll down to view pictures of Peter's memorial and Peter's garden.

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Peter Leon Lewis 18 Oct 1940 - 19 Oct 2008

Peter Leon Lewis

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Peter Leon Lewis 1940's

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Peter about 3 yrs old
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Peter with his dog
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Peter in the 1950's
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Wedding Day 1960's

Peter Loves Flowers!



Peter grew an abundance of vegetables!

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Peter having a chat in his greenhouse
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Peter preparing his garden
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Peter's Garden Tools
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Grow boxes are the only way to plant!

Peter's Garden still yields Flowers and Vegetables.

Flowers from Peter's Garden

Peter's Spade


Fun Times with Family

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Peter with Grandkids
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In the garden with Grandpa
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It's me again with Grandpa

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Just Lovin' Hawaii

On October 19,2009 a memorial was held at Peter's gravesite. Family and friends attended to remember our beloved Peter and reflect on the influence and love he shared with each of us. As we move forward in our own lives we will always remember the gift we were given of a brother, son, husband and father. Thank you Peter for sharing your life with us and giving us memories we will be able to take with us through out our lives and through out all eternity.

Bringing Flowers for Peter
Families Together
Arranging the Flowers
A New Zealand flag
A Beautiful Bouquet
At Rest
Words of Remembrance
Fun Stories Told
Grandchildren Singing
Times Remembered
Getting Ballons Ready
Ballons for Peter
Letting Go
Up in the Sky
Far Away

Beautiful Children


If you have any pictures of Peter you wish to share please email them by clicking on the link below. Thank You.

My favorite pictures of Peter