Reginald Aubrey Lewis
Birth: 12 Nov 1882
             Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand
Death: 25 Oct 1918
              San Francisco, Ca., USA
Buried: 26 Oct 1918 Mt. Olivet,
                San Francisco, USA
            Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Spouse: Kathleen May Miller
Marriage: 9 March 1914
                     Waitemata, Wellington, New Zealand
Reginald Edward (Pete) Lewis
Birth: 11 Jan 1916
             Wellington, New Zealand
Death: 3 Nov 1997
              Maple Valley, Washington, USA
Buried: Nov 1997
               Renton, Washington, USA
           Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Marriage: 2 Sep. 1939
                     Auckland, New Zealand 

Reginald Aubrey Lewis

Reginald Aubrey Lewis c1915

Kathleen May Miller c1915

Kathleen May Miller with Reginald Edward Lewis c1915

Reginald & Kathleen Lewis
Reginald Lewis and Kathleen Miller in the center. Barbara Lewis nee Simpson, right. Possibly Kate Miller is on the left.  If you know who the chaps are in the background let us know. Thank You!

Reginald Aubrey Lewis
Reginal Aubrey Lewis in Egypt

Reginald Aubrey Lewis (left) in Egypt

Reginald Lewis far right
Reginald Aubrey Lewis at far right
Charles Ernest Lewis, center.