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Linda & Peter Lewis
Yes, It 's Us!

Please feel free to contribute!
This is definately a work in progress. If you find you are a connection to our family tree please email us with the names that make us cousins.  We have found other cousins from internet research which was fruitful for both.
We want to have the correct information of our family so please let us know if you have dates etc. that may be different from ours.
If you have any photos of the families we are researching please email them to us.  We would love that!
We would like to help others who are also on a quest to find their ancestors.  If you would like to send us the name of your website we will list it on a Links page.  Thank You!
One final Note:
We asked all our living relatives for permission to include information about them on this site. Some did not want their information published on the web, and others preferred we not include certain types of information (for example, birth dates). In all cases we have respected their wishes.

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